Music, birds, sunshine after the rain, clean air, sitting in the garden, cuppa joe day today.

Do you hear the morning dove? Tehano xylophone (sweet) pouring through the palm fronds from the Spanish church on the corner from my house? Getting together with family this afternoon. Ham and kids. Yum!


Barbara Henning

Added poet Barbara Henning sound files to Frank's Home today. Barbara moved to Tucson last Spring from New York City via Santa Fe, NM. She's an awesome addition to the local poetry scene here in Tucson. She sits on the board of POG (Poetry Organization) as do I. She teaches online poetry courses including one for Naropa this coming Fall.

I took the liberty of choosing a group of poems from her reading (with her assistance) at Dinnerware Gallery, November 18, 2006 and adding musical snippets to some of her poems. I think I kept the experience tasteful. This is definitely a group of prose poems that gathers steam to a rolling conclusion!
A bowl a day
(for Ben Franklin, fellow printer)

What's going on
going gone

3 New Entries @ Frank's

Hey! I have three terrific new entries up at Frank's Home: An Active Anthology of Verse:
1) Tucson Blues: a new poem sequence by my own fine self.
2) A PDF eBook and four Mp3's by George Mattingly. The eBook is the text (38 poems) of a reading George gave at Moe's Bookstore in Berkeley, CA, May 1, 2006. The Mp3's are taken from a reading George gave along with David Gitin at the Seaside Library, Seaside, CA, October 2005.
3) Fifteen Mp3's by David Gitin extracted from the reading he gave with George Mattingly at the Seaside Library, Seaside, CA, October 2005.