(with gratitude to Tim & Charles)

the book was a gift among a gift of books
I'd read them all later maybe if and when
I am desperate to know the names what wind
blows the Mexican Palo Verde, the cactus wren

my footsteps confess no special talent
one sneaker follows the other into a
brilliant make believe I know I know

my karma bankrupt Mother Father Sun and Moon
giddy-up the worst of me that got the better
Hi O Silver and away
The Morning Sun

I've been a mean son of a bitch
and I'm sorry
I got great news at my oncologist's yesterday. There are no cancer tumors in my body! My colon, liver, lungs and all other soft tissue scans show that the tumors are gone! I still have to continue with chemotherapy though. The good results does not mean I am cancer free. On the probability that even one cancer cell is floating around somewhere looking for a home we have to continue treatment. But that is far better than having terminal cancer in my liver, etc.! Good times...