(take III on these lines...)

what wind blows the Mexican Palo Verde
the cactus wren

my footsteps confess
no special talent

one sneaker follows the other
into a brilliant make believe I know I know

Mother Father Sun and Moon
Hi O Silver and Away

Poetry Lessons

“I write and rewrite until it looks like I wrote it all at once.”
Philip Whalen

The result is a luminous record of a life, a family & a community.
Ron Silliman, May 15, 2007 review of WALKING THEORY

“Empathy, the walk walking down hill and up, in-take and out, each
step, one after another—the conical eye, the turned measure—a
breath, a prayer.”
Stephen Vincent, WALKING THEORY

Stephen Vincent’s new book:

Evocations. Farm hollers. “muted red and orange beets, the vigorous and tender leaves.” Getting out what’s in. Stride piano. Monk. On a roll as sweet. Language realized the corners of life and death. “Sunday playground, blue, yellow and white structures.” WALKING
THEORY. I’m reading a book I will read for the rest of my life.

Kudos to Mark Weiss who is Junction Press, publisher of WALKING THEORY. Both making history with poetry schooled in its own consul “Left house at 21st near Dolores,”