Christmas card from a friend

the tree we will not share

is in the forest there

free of our ornaments

- Jim Wilson
What matters on any level of human engagement is underscored by this 5,000 to 6,000 year old embrace. As these bones bear witness so do we. Art, in all its forms, is a sacred embrace. Our ancestors speak from the grave even as we go to the mountain. The living stones cry out even as I weep to get hold of. As my days are various, I choose to count my blessings, I choose beauty, I choose wonder.

Happy Holidays

New audio at Frank's Home

Hi, everyone. The reading at Stone Avenue Gallery came off well. It was a blast reading with my friend, David Gitin. We hadn't read together in sixteen years!

My son, David, took up my usual post at area readings and sat in as audio technician. Thanks, David!

I've posted the audio of my reading, Heart Shaped Blossoms, to my web site if you care to give a listen.


Hear Ye, Hear Ye!


David Gitin


Frank Parker

October 27

7 pm

Stone Ave. Gallery

2007 N. Stone Avenue.

Tucson, Arizona
Admission $5; Students $3

Rothenberg/Meltzer reading brilliant

Michael Rothenberg and David Meltzer's reading was brilliant. Michael stood on each word, enunciating the rhythm of each line like he was pushing off a diving board, whipping up the shape of his poems with his hands and mouth. It really was splendid. David Meltzer had the audience in the palm of his hand as if he were Santa Claus in A Christmas Carol. His rosy cheeks blew out song that sparkled like his eyes. He was far more animated than his frail frame led to believe. I can say his poetry danced. Last night was one of those magical moments when verse split the veil and spirit spread out like fireworks. Left everyone breathless.

(Michael Rothenberg and David Meltzer read last night at the historic Z-Mansion in Tucson, Arizona)

Poetry reading!


David Gitin


Frank Parker

October 27

7 pm

Stone Ave. Gallery

2007 N. Stone Avenue.

Tucson, Arizona
Admission $5; Students $3

The wisdom of Ornette

"They weren't playing movements, they were playing changes. I was playing ideas, changes and non-transposed notes."

"I didn't know that you had to learn to play, I thought you had to play to play. And I still think that.

"If I have found a way to share what I do, to inspire people to go even further than what I don't know yet - that idea is the most supreme form of expression in culture."

- Ornette Coleman

Almost out of the sky, half of the moon
It makes a cross of mourning between my eyes
Oh to follow the road that leads away from everything

Your breast is enough for my heart
I have said that you sang in the wind
You gather things to you like an old road

I have gone marking the atlas of your body
Stories to tell you on the shore of evening
I who live in a harbor between the lips and the voice

(take III on these lines...)

what wind blows the Mexican Palo Verde
the cactus wren

my footsteps confess
no special talent

one sneaker follows the other
into a brilliant make believe I know I know

Mother Father Sun and Moon
Hi O Silver and Away

Poetry Lessons

“I write and rewrite until it looks like I wrote it all at once.”
Philip Whalen

The result is a luminous record of a life, a family & a community.
Ron Silliman, May 15, 2007 review of WALKING THEORY

“Empathy, the walk walking down hill and up, in-take and out, each
step, one after another—the conical eye, the turned measure—a
breath, a prayer.”
Stephen Vincent, WALKING THEORY

Stephen Vincent’s new book:

Evocations. Farm hollers. “muted red and orange beets, the vigorous and tender leaves.” Getting out what’s in. Stride piano. Monk. On a roll as sweet. Language realized the corners of life and death. “Sunday playground, blue, yellow and white structures.” WALKING
THEORY. I’m reading a book I will read for the rest of my life.

Kudos to Mark Weiss who is Junction Press, publisher of WALKING THEORY. Both making history with poetry schooled in its own consul “Left house at 21st near Dolores,”

(with gratitude to Tim & Charles)

the book was a gift among a gift of books
I'd read them all later maybe if and when
I am desperate to know the names what wind
blows the Mexican Palo Verde, the cactus wren

my footsteps confess no special talent
one sneaker follows the other into a
brilliant make believe I know I know

my karma bankrupt Mother Father Sun and Moon
giddy-up the worst of me that got the better
Hi O Silver and away
The Morning Sun

I've been a mean son of a bitch
and I'm sorry
I got great news at my oncologist's yesterday. There are no cancer tumors in my body! My colon, liver, lungs and all other soft tissue scans show that the tumors are gone! I still have to continue with chemotherapy though. The good results does not mean I am cancer free. On the probability that even one cancer cell is floating around somewhere looking for a home we have to continue treatment. But that is far better than having terminal cancer in my liver, etc.! Good times...
Music, birds, sunshine after the rain, clean air, sitting in the garden, cuppa joe day today.

Do you hear the morning dove? Tehano xylophone (sweet) pouring through the palm fronds from the Spanish church on the corner from my house? Getting together with family this afternoon. Ham and kids. Yum!


Barbara Henning

Added poet Barbara Henning sound files to Frank's Home today. Barbara moved to Tucson last Spring from New York City via Santa Fe, NM. She's an awesome addition to the local poetry scene here in Tucson. She sits on the board of POG (Poetry Organization) as do I. She teaches online poetry courses including one for Naropa this coming Fall.

I took the liberty of choosing a group of poems from her reading (with her assistance) at Dinnerware Gallery, November 18, 2006 and adding musical snippets to some of her poems. I think I kept the experience tasteful. This is definitely a group of prose poems that gathers steam to a rolling conclusion!
A bowl a day
(for Ben Franklin, fellow printer)

What's going on
going gone

3 New Entries @ Frank's

Hey! I have three terrific new entries up at Frank's Home: An Active Anthology of Verse:
1) Tucson Blues: a new poem sequence by my own fine self.
2) A PDF eBook and four Mp3's by George Mattingly. The eBook is the text (38 poems) of a reading George gave at Moe's Bookstore in Berkeley, CA, May 1, 2006. The Mp3's are taken from a reading George gave along with David Gitin at the Seaside Library, Seaside, CA, October 2005.
3) Fifteen Mp3's by David Gitin extracted from the reading he gave with George Mattingly at the Seaside Library, Seaside, CA, October 2005.

my daughter enters
the room and finds me

on the edge of my bed

What can be funnier
than this, she said

I’m not ready for school

Tucson Blues

when I slide into the blue car
bleeding wires
where Sachdev’s flute used to sing

Soledad *

the wind

all covered

in time

* Soledad Correctional Training Facility is a California State prison. I taught commercial printing there for a time. "The Correctional Training Facility is a three-facility complex, each functions independently of the others." The shop I worked in, my class, was in Central Facility. All my guys were from maximum security, some just booted down from San Quentin. Today Soledad houses:

South Facility: 1,125 in a space designed for 510
Central Facility: 3,030 in a space designed for 1,391
North Facility: 2,871 in a space designed for 1,400

TOTAL: 7,026 inmates in a facility designed for 3,301

the tide
sunrise in our eyes

we lean out and look upon the open
shiny black roads bordering the sand

p  o  s  t     c   a  r  d

There are hills trees roads and townships
gossip is time loving the visit, thinking
                                                       - all

someone coughs

bring the hoe inside

door locks

4:30 in the morning


The Blue Oracle Band

The Blue Oracle Band, a Tucson original, has a page at MySpace with four songs you can hear. I think I've only ever heard them play two cover tunes, everything else is penned by lead singer Phil "Whinin' Boy" Mills and lead guitarist David "Chick'n Pick'n" Parker. Drums are handled by Mark "Spooner" Buenger and Rick "The Relic" Guetter holds the bottom on bass. Their CD has gone through the final mix and is awaiting an angel to press it for distribution. Until then a friend might shoot me an email. Their sound is hard to peg. You might call it tight, southwestern blues-rock. One thing is for sure, you find yourself listening, paying attention, your soul dances while your body may wonder how to follow your feet already in the groove.
Chemo and Response:

charlie parker rides with a farmhand

David tells me about song

I read Paul Blackburn
how “hands move earth
        feeling earth”

moment to moment
to monument in time
blue and polished stone

Frank Parker