(take III on these lines...)

what wind blows the Mexican Palo Verde
the cactus wren

my footsteps confess
no special talent

one sneaker follows the other
into a brilliant make believe I know I know

Mother Father Sun and Moon
Hi O Silver and Away


OpenChannel said...

ah, Frank, you were always such an economic poet!

I compared this to the previous version and agree with your changes, which improve the rhythm.

I love the line:
my footsteps confess
no special talent

Good to connect with you again! Thanks for drifting over to my site and blog.


OpenChannel said...

I keep coming back here looking for more poetry!

Frank - I just heard about a really new cool thing! It's called a VIRTUAL BOOKTOUR and I want to do an exchange with you. I'd love to get about 4-5 other folks on board and do a test run.

You set up "tour dates" over the internet with other blogs. So, say I had a date of July 20th on Mr. Parkers. On that day I can either 1) post some work on your blog, 2) write a guest blog article, 3) be interviewed on your blog, or 4) a combination of all three.

How cool is that?

The idea is to bring communities together. Your blog world meets mine.

I've already got a few people in mind who I know would love this idea. Meet me over at "the accidental novelist" and let me know what you think.

OpenChannel said...

P.S. I went to Silliman's site... holy cock-a-doodles, you're right. I love his ClustrMap! It's like giant drops of blood across the world. Fabulous.