The Blue Oracle Band

The Blue Oracle Band, a Tucson original, has a page at MySpace with four songs you can hear. I think I've only ever heard them play two cover tunes, everything else is penned by lead singer Phil "Whinin' Boy" Mills and lead guitarist David "Chick'n Pick'n" Parker. Drums are handled by Mark "Spooner" Buenger and Rick "The Relic" Guetter holds the bottom on bass. Their CD has gone through the final mix and is awaiting an angel to press it for distribution. Until then a friend might shoot me an email. Their sound is hard to peg. You might call it tight, southwestern blues-rock. One thing is for sure, you find yourself listening, paying attention, your soul dances while your body may wonder how to follow your feet already in the groove.

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Anonymous said...

Wow! nobody loves us but me and you Frank! I'll never forget drinking scotch and grooving to Savoy Brown with you that day my friend!I swore to David that I wasn't finished with Blue Oracle. I'm very close to a record deal here in the Bay. I shall return to the OLD PUEBLO and finish what I started.
Love and Affection,
The Whinnin' Boy
Eugene Quinn
Phillip Mills