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Five Poems - Gloria Avner

Gloria Avner lives in Bar Harbor, Maine in the summer where she writes, paints, and tends her gallery of art from other cultures. In the winter she teaches, writes, and paints in Key Largo, Florida. Gloria is a new member of the frankshome.org family and we are delighted to host her poetry!

Greek Islands - Joan Cofrancesco

Joan enjoys hiking, reading poetry, visiting art museums, and traveling. Her recent trips to Greece and Italy have inspired many new poems. We are just thrilled to host her Greek islands series. This is Joan’s second set of poems to find a home with us. We couldn’t be happier!

3 Songs from the '70s - David Gitin

Performances of his poems are often in collaboration with musicians, including Leonard Paschini (electric guitar), Preston Houser (shakuhachi), John Tchicai (saxophone), Laszlo Gardony (piano), and John Cortes (saxophone). Here are 3 rare poems from June 1977 in which his lyric interests are clearly stated. David is one of the first poets frankshome.org ever hosted! (Thank you for believing in us all along, David!)

Nine Poems - Luis Garcia

“I listened to a lot of jazz,” Garcia continued, “the notions of improvisation, of the transformation of notes—hitting them in a different way—of inflection and intonation influenced my style, one of brevity and lyricism,” and we welcome this selection of Luis Garcia’s poetry to frankshome.org by standing up on our chairs, clapping and shouting, “BRAVO!”

Sunday Suite - Frank Parker

The poems begin Heart Shaped Blossoms: 1993-2007, and comprise the Monterey, CA, section of my first book. The reading is from October 27, 2007, at the Stone Ave. Gallery, Tucson, AZ, sponsored by POG. Here each one of the three parts is set to music.

3 Poems, December 2009 - Frank Parker

The first two weeks of December 2009 found me in a groove with the word and these three poems are the result, the first of which became our holiday poem for 2009.

Zig-Zag Journeys - Frank Parker

Completed in June of 2009, Zig-Zag Journeys seems so distant now. Yet it was the basis of multiple memorable performances and a chapbook I’m very happy with no matter the year!

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