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Win Po - a work-in-progress, by Frank Parker. Poems written since December 2009. I'm excited to see where this journey will go over the course of 2010!

From "This Tiniest of Fish", audio of parts 1, 2, and 3 read by the author, Kristina Erny. From her bio note:

"Kristina Erny grew up in Asia, & has lived in West Africa, as well as Kentucky, Indiana, and Arizona. She is interested in dialect, storytelling, language acquisition, spirituality & community (insiders vs. outsiders). In 2010, she completed her MFA from The University of Arizona. She currently lives in South Korea with her husband and son."

I appreciate Kristina's efforts and the cooperation of the U of A Poetry Center to record this outstanding young poet before she moved to South Korea!

Recorded 12 May 2010 by Frank Parker at the University of Arizona Poetry Center to whom we extend our gratitude.

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