A Pleasent Surprise from Heather Nagami

A surprise email regarding Win Po from Heather Nagami:

"Frank, thanks for sending me the link to your work. Wow, I really enjoyed reading it. I'm so impressed. I love the cover, too--the beautiful colors and texture. The poems themselves are so beautifully "textured" too in their layers of sound and meaning. I enjoy your subtle rhymes, the consonance, and the sparseness of the lines in terms of the number of words, but the fullness in terms of the feeling and image that is created. I think "Mirror in a Garden" struck me the most, esp. "the hundred wounded sparrows/ fly like arrows," but really all of it. It seems like a technical masterpiece--how the images next to each other create something new and how they seem to elegantly carve out such emotional depth, but then I feel bad talking about it like it's just a technical endeavor because it seems full of such pain, so I'm sorry if that's offensive. I just am in awe." -Heather Nagami (Tucson poet and web designer)

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